Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Enterprise 2.0 Demystified

Kreeo was covered in a recent cover story on enterprise 2.0 in Business World.
You can read the complete story here

25 Feb 2012

With new collaboration technologies, and a willing culture, organisations can now change the way you work by Mala Bhargava with Dibyajyoti Chatterjee and Suneera Tandon

At the heart of the E2.0 movement is the feeling that current methods of communication are inefficient. Even email — which was supposed to be a huge improvement over the old snail mail, fax and phone conversations — is beginning to show its age and infirmities. Avalanches of email are generated daily in companies with far too many people copied than are necessary. Communication often happens at cross purposes, and many end up never reading half the emails they get. Worse, email is often not even marked to those who need to see them.

Sumeet Anand, CEO and founder of Kreeo, a knowledge management or “collective intelligence” company, says that Failure 2.0 is inevitable if there is no purpose and if technology is implemented blindly, just because everyone else is doing it. “Most of the time we didn’t start with a business purpose. We took the tool and then looked at how to apply it.” Anand warns strongly against taking a shrink-wrapped product and thinking it would work automatically. Each scenario is different; each culture unique. Enough thought needs to go into how a technology is to be deployed because technology does not run itself. 

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